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Why You Visit Singapore

With its century-old temples, bustling hawker centres and lush green spaces, Singapore’s varied charms are bound to enchant visitors to our island. Our city’s calendar of events is equally diverse, and present travellers with ample opportunities to explore, indulge and express their passions.

From the glitz and gasoline of the Grand Prix Season Singapore to the flavours and fragrances of the Singapore Food Festival, here are 10 reasons to visit Singapore in 2020.

1) Indulge in world-class eats

With its well-deserved reputation as a global metropolis, Singapore is home to flavours for every palate.

Our city boasts a constellation of 44 Michelin-starred restaurants, including three-star establishments Les Amis and Odette. Chow down on Australian-style barbeque at Burnt Ends, discover the intricate flavours of Peranakan* fare at Candlenut or feast on the world’s most affordable Michelin meal at Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle.

Singapore’s unique hawker food culture is equally impressive, with our hawker centres serving up dishes that span Chinese, Malay and Indian culinary traditions from chicken rice, fish head curry to rojak and satay.

*The term is an Indonesian/Malay word that means “local born”, which generally refers to people of Chinese and Malay/Indonesian heritage.

2) Feast on new flavours at our food festivals

Eating is undoubtedly our nation’s past-time, and visitors can share in our love for food and drinks with an array of exciting events and festivals.

Local dishes such as kopi (traditional local coffee), satay (grilled meat skeweres) and chilli crab take front and centre stage at the Singapore Food Festival, and alcohol connoisseurs can deepen their appreciation for artisanal liquor, cocktail making and mixology at the Singapore Cocktail Festival.

3) Discover inspiring art every where

Besides being a city of world-class museums, art galleries, events and festivals, Singapore is a city where art thrives in the most unlikely of places.

When you’re done exploring the grand halls of the National Museum of Singapore and marvelling at the massive Southeast Asian art collection in the National Gallery Singapore, you’ll discover how art comes alive across our island.

Peruse the street art at Gelam Gallery, hunt for wall murals across our island or catch an outdoor performance against the backdrop of our stunning city skyline at Esplanade—Theatres on The Bay.

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